Custom Asymmetrical Spinnaker Sails

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Cal 2-46 Sailboat with spinnaker

Cal 2-46 Sailboat with asymmetrical spinnaker

G-Spinn asymmetrical spinnaker on Newport 30

G-Spinn asymmetrical spinnaker on Newport 30

Jeanneau 35 spinnaker

Jeanneau 35 Spinnaker

J 32 finishline spinnaker

Racing Spinnaker

Custom Star-Cut Asymmetrical Spinnaker.

Racing Spinnakers for Multi Hulls.

Asymmetrical Spinnakers for windward performance.

Star Cut Asymmetrical spinnakers for performance in a wider wind range.

Cruising Spinnakers for the offshore Yacht.

Asymmetrical Hybrid Spinnaker Reaching

Custom Asymmetrical Spinnakers in a star cut design built to reach and point.

Offshore Asymmetrcial Hybrid Spinnaker for Reaching and Downwind.
This is a asymmetrical hybrid spinnaker we designed for offshore. It will point,reach and go downwind.