Custom Spinnakers & Asymmetrical Spinnakers

We build a variety of custom spinnakers and asymmetrical spinnakers for performance cruising and racing. We use domestic products when we can for a quality spinnaker that will last over time. Our custom designs come from
thirty five years of experience, custom designing and making light air sails of all types. As a sail designer, I have helped boat owners outfit their boats with spinnakers, asymmetrical spinnakers and flying sails that meet the needs of the boat and owners.

I help many go offshore, or just to make the spinnaker easier to use with either a top down furler, or a spinnaker sock. We can produce a package price of sails and furlers for spinnakers, asymmetrical spinnakers and our custom flying sails.

asymmetrical spinnaker
offshore asymmetrical spinnaker with sock
asymmetrical spinnaker
asymmetrical spinnaker with a top down furler
symmetrical spinnaker used for racing
Sabre 38 sailboat with my asymmetrical spinnaker with stars inlayed.