About Yager Sails

Don Yager, Sail Designer and Custom Sailmaker sailing Puget Sound
Don Yager, Sail Designer and
Custom Sailmaker sailing Puget Sound

Welcome to Yager Sails, Sail Designs and Sail Maker. We are a small Sail Loft where we Custom Design,Computer Cut and Build all of our sails and Canvas Products. We have the same Sail Design software, computer cutter and industrial sewing machines that you would find in a large production loft. We have over 30 years of experience with every kind of sail boat you can find, from day sailor to offshore yacht to performance racing. When you email or call, you are talking to the person that will design, build and finsh your sail. As a custom sail loft, we are not overpriced and very competitive, but offer quality, innovation and experience with each sail and canvas product.

Our Main Sails are built to take the load of heavy air and also do well in light air. We like to use performance battens and cloth that will make each boat move well no matter what the wind conditions. With Furling Mains now being very popular, we build a main that will keep the boat moving even with the compromising mast furler.

Head Sails and Furling Sails are now the norm for most sail boats. We sell a variety of furling units that can be matched to each boat. We then build the best match for Furling Sails, from Furling Mains, Furling Headsails, to the Day Sailor.

With Furling being so popular, light air sails are becoming more important than ever. We build a variety of Spinnakers, Asymmetrical Spinnakers and Gennakers to keep each boat moving in light air. We build a Drifter that can be used without hanks for boats that have furling, but still want to point and reach in lighter air. We designed an Asymmetical Spinnaker that can reach as high as most headsails and still work well off wind. You can see a few of these on our web site. We also build Racing Sails for boat owners that require something other than stock production sails to be competitive. We have helped many boat owners that have older boats, but still want to race.