G-spinn Sails

Introducing our  G-Spinn sail. First, this is a hybrid sail that has the characteristics of an asymmetrical spinnaker and a genoa. It can be built with several radial designs, depending upon how it will be used. The sail can have vertical soft battens, or soft horizontal battens. It can be used with the new asymmetrical and Code 0 furling systems.

It allows the boat to point as high as any furling headsail and also work well off wind. We suited it for the new poles and also for spinnaker socks. Foot, leech and luff length are determined by how the new sail will be used, either racing or performance cruising.

Commodores Cup Sail

The above images are a G-Spin sail with a star cut radial design. It also shows this sail being raced with an asymmetrical furler. This sail can be rolled up at the front of the boat, allowing the owner to stay in the cockpit and not have to go up to the front of the boat to take this sail down. It also shows the different weights of nylon.

The darker color in front of this sail is a 2.0 oz. nylon and in the back 1.5 oz. nylon. This sail can be used down wind as the 2nd pictures show and also reach and point.

What this means is that you can go closer to the wind with this sail, even though it is not attached in the front.

Here are the very flexable battens I am using for the G-Spinn. They are very light, will not break when folded.

The new G-Spinn is a light air genoa and spinnaker in one using flexible vertical battens and supported luff to keep the sail driving in all points of sailing.

New G-Spinn version 3, 1.5 and 2.0 oz. nylon in a star cut radial design.

G-Spinn Three, pointing in light air

G-Spinn, version 3 with vertical battens reaching

New G-Spinn 3 as a spinnaker, doing very well on a beam to broad reach.

This is a small G-Spinn Bi-Radial Design with a logo of a osprey. This sail being used without putting up the main sail. This is one of the small versions of the G-Spinn, no battens. It still works well off wind and can reach and point like a headsail.