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Flying Sail on Freedom 32 sailboat

From the sail owner:

We used the G-spin AKA “big red sail” on segment from Anacortes to Bellingham coming home. Made 3 hour continuous, port tack, broad reach in only 4 to 8 kts of wind maintaining 2.8 to 4 nm/hour. Was amazing light air performance for that sail coupled with the main; and was the longest continuous tack and perhaps the most physically pleasant extended period of sailing I’ve known on the MM. the word idyllic comes to mind.

Making 3.2 knots in 5 knots of real wind. Did the maiden crossing of the Straits of Juan De Fuca today. 40 nautical miles of beating into the wind against
1 to 2 knots of current and still managing average of 5 knots per hour. Thanks again for your advice.

Bi Radial G-Spinn for North Idaho College

We just received this picture from North Idaho College. This is one of the small G-Spinns built in a Bi-Radial design. It shows how the sail is being used to make sailing easier. It is made with 1.54 oz. nylon, has a spinnaker sock to make it easier to use. This is the sailing instructor for North Idaho College.

G-Spinn Sail racing in Bayview Idaho

Here is a couple pictures of a G-Spinn sail we built back a few months ago that is being raced.   Our sail  is on a Newport 30 racing in the final race in Bayview Idaho. Our proprietary G-Spinn spinnaker sails are doing great in races and we look forward to sharing more images with you in the near future.

g-spinn sail



sails made in usa

Custom G-spinn sails are made in the USA

With such a push to overseas manufacturing in the last 10 years, people are often in disbelief when we tell them that we make our own sails right here in Washington state.  We decided to take some photos and do a video of our owner Don Yager sewing, and a video of our computerized cutter at work.  We are more than happy to give tours of our facilities upon request.

We put the extra personal attention to each one of our custom sails, which is what helps to make them some of the best asymmetrical spinnaker sails in the world.

sails made in usa

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