Videos – Custom flying headsail in action

Below is 2 videos of our flying headsail or drifter. We build this sail for those that need light air performance, but have a small furling genoa or jib. The videos show wind speed and show wind direction. Built and Designed by Don Yager of Yager Sails.

Montgomery 23 sail

Here is a nice picture I received from an owner of a Montgomery 23.  I built new cream colored sails for the boat and it does look very traditional and fits the boat well.

alaska spinnaker sail

Seaward 100 Cruising Catamaran Sail

This is one of my asymmetrical spinnakers with a custom Alaska Flag inlaid in the body of the sail. Each star is custom cut and sewn into the spinnaker.

Cruising Catamaran Gauges

Cruising Catamaran

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G-Spinn Sail racing in Bayview Idaho

Here is a couple pictures of a G-Spinn sail we built back a few months ago that is being raced.   Our sail  is on a Newport 30 racing in the final race in Bayview Idaho. Our proprietary G-Spinn spinnaker sails are doing great in races and we look forward to sharing more images with you in the near future.

g-spinn sail



Aqua and White Asymmetrical Spinnaker

Here is a beautiful aqua and white asymmetrical spinnaker from a local sailo that was very surprised that he could use his to point into the wind. It sounds unbelievable, but our customers are seeing it for their own eyes!

blue asymmetrical spinnaker


blue asymmetrical spinnaker vertical

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