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Fall and winter are on the way. This is the time to get ready for next spring. We have new products and sails that we have developed. Our new G-Spinn in three different versions. Version one is a bi-radial designed spinnaker like sail that allows the boat to reach and point without being attached at the luff. It can be used with a sock or top down furler. Version two is a star cut radial design, either 1.5 or a combination of 2 and 1.5 oz. nylon. And version three is a star cut similar to version two with vertical battens. This sail cannot be used with a top down furler. Call or email for a quote. @ or call 1-509-928-1964. We design and build all of our sails in our sail loft in the U.S. When you call you will be talking to the designer for a custom sail.

Furling Sails are a big part of our business. We sell Profurl, Hood, Harken, Seldon, Facnor and CDI. We now build unique flying sails that we trademark as the G-Spinn. It is part light air headsail and part asymmetrical spinnaker. It is a hybrid that is easier to fly than a traditional spinnaker or asymmetrical spinnaker. We also offer a unique G-Spinn that has vertical flexable battens as well.

Sailcloth has been improving over the years with better cloth for specific sails. Pricing is competitive with all of our suppliers. Laminates are becoming popular and affordable not only for the racers, but for the performance cruisers as well.

We design all of our Sail boat canvas. From Main covers, tiller covers, winch covers, sheet bags.

We also offer help with sailboat parts. We sell many sails that require sailboat hardware to use them. When we install a furling unit, we can sell parts as part of a package to help in cost.

Some sailboats are not ready for some of the sails we build. We help by having buying power from Garhauer Marine, Chutescoop, Profurl, Seldon, Forspar, Sta-Loc, Facnor, CDI. This allows us to help in any kind of sail design for every boat.